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Month: September 2017

Choosing The Right Necklace Clasps For Your Pieces

When you are making jewelry you want to choose the right components so that people can wear your items with confidence. You do not want to put the wrong necklace clasps on your items and have your jewelry fall off of the necks of the wearers. Choosing the right necklace clasps will entail you thinking about the material the item is fashioned from, the type of person, or activities the person that will be wearing it will be engaging in, and the average age of the person that will be wearing the item. There are five basic types of necklace clasps available for you to choose from. These are: • The box necklace clasps are usually rectangular in shape, but they may also be square. They have a tongue section that will slide into a groove. These fasteners usually can be opened and closed with only one hand so they are very popular. The real reason for their popularity lies in the fact that they fasten tightly and they are very hard to come undone so people do not lose as many necklaces that have these fasteners. These are great fasteners to place on jewelry you make for children to wear. • The hook necklace clasps consists of a hook that slips through a link in a chain, or through a ring to form the necklace. They are easy...

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How to Attract Beautiful Women

The majority of men, upon seeing a beautiful woman, think, “If I could just attract a beautiful woman like her…” and mentally wander off into fantasy land, which is where they spend a great portion of their time. The world is overflowing with beautiful women. Everywhere you go, you see them. You dream of them. You fantasize about them. The majority of those beautiful women want a good man to share their lives, and they are just as frustrated as you are. Most of them feel “all the good ones are married or gay”. Does that sound familiar, guys? Those women are beautiful, passionate creatures and want a good man for companionship, and to fulfill their every fantasy in bed. Is there any reason you cannot, theoretically, be “that man” who attracts beautiful women? No, there isn’t. You just have to know how it’s done. Secret #1Know How to Flirt With Women Most guys, with persistence, can get an ordinary-looking girlfriend, but it is entirely possible for even an unattractive man to attract a beautiful woman. How is this possible? Most men just do not know the “how-to’s” of flirting with women, and feel like schoolboys in the presence of a beautiful woman. It’s scary enough to start up a conversation with a “plain Jane” sort of woman, but it can seem terrifying to try to start a conversation...

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5 Reasons Women Love Romance Movies

Since the beginning of cinema, romance movies have been well loved – predominately by women. Today, when a new romantic comedy or drama hits theaters, it’s the perfect excuse for a ladies’ night gathering. Many men (and even a few women) have wondered what it is about this genre of film that draws women in. Here are 5 reasons women love romance movies. Women Love Getting In Touch With Their Emotions Women are emotional beings, and not only do they have no issue displaying their emotions but many do not mind having those emotions drawn out of them. Sometimes it just feels good to have a hearty laugh or let the tears flow while watching others go through the ebb and flow of finding love, falling in love and losing love. Women Prefer to Watch Rather Than Read Romance Okay, so this isn’t true for all women (but what statement is?). However, with the busyness that consumes the daily lives of most women, many prefer watching romance movies to reading romance novels. It’s less time consuming, equally entertaining -or more so for some- and equally emotion spurring. Women Love Using Romance Movies to Hint At Men Women love watching romance movies to throw hints at the men in their lives as to what he should or shouldn’t be doing in their relationship. Some women will watch the movies alone...

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