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Month: September 2017

Danger – Leather Soles of Shoes Can Be Treacherously Slippery

LEATHER SOLES This article explains why you don’t want to wear leather sole dress shoes. The basic reason is that leather is slippery, even when dry. DRESS SHOES Dress shoes must serve two functions. First, they should look dressy so that you radiate class and good taste to all who see you. This is especially important if you’re an attorney going to court or meeting clients. Your shoes and haircut will be inspected at these encounters. So you want your shoes to look dressy. Black leather is the best choice for the uppers of your shoes. But what about the soles? LEATHER SOLES Leather soles look great but are slippery, even on dry surfaces. Especially when new, they can be hazardous to your health because you can slip when walking on a hard floor, a street, or even a concrete sidewalk! There are modifications that you can make to leather soles to render them a little less slippery, but these solutions are ultimately unsatisfactory. We’re talking about cutting a crisscross pattern into the leather soles with a sharp knife, or adding rosin to the soles the way boxers used to do to their boxing shoes. Neither solution is adequate. (Incidentally, most boxing shoes today are no longer made with leather soles, indicating that in the world of professional boxing athletes have learned the lesson of avoiding leather soles altogether.)...

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101 Best Gluten Free Foods

What are the 101 best gluten free foods? Are there really such a think as the best gluten free foods? The reality is that yes there are, the book 101 Best Gluten-Free Foods. I found this book originally in the clearance section at Barnes and Noble for about $4 but recently noticed from the link above that Amazon has it for only $3. It is well worth your money especially if you have to be gluten free for the rest of your life. Just like the title of the book, 101 Gluten Free Foods has information about 101 of...

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Tips on Buying Cheap Vitamin Supplement

Cheap vitamin ads can easily be found in the Internet. They allure us with healthy body in a cheaper way. Who do not want that? Beyond the promising healthy body advertisement, it is our responsibility to choose the right vitamin for out body. Be smart, because vitamin suppose to help our body maintain its prime condition, not the other way round. Below are some tips to get maximum health benefit in minimum payment. 1. Do not over supply your body with vitamin. The smartest way is to buy multivitamin or multivitamin mineral supplement. That will reduce your spending budget on vitamin compared to buying each vitamin in single dose pill. Multivitamin mineral supplements can cover daily vitamin needs. Look at the ingredient data facts and compare each vitamin amount to FDA daily allowance. 2. The manufacturer is the major key. Do not just buy cheap vitamin supplement without further exploration on the manufacturer company. Here are some important questions about vitamin manufacturer as examples: -How do they get the raw materials? -Do they have high standard on the raw materials? -Have they registered their company and product to a legal council? -Do they have testimonials from happy customers? -How do they act trough claims? 3. Estimate the vitamins quantity with the shipping time and expired date. We usually get lower price or higher discount when we buy large amount...

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Cardio to Lose Stomach Fat – Get a Flat Stomach With These 5 Amazing Workout Tips

In the next five minutes you will discover the proper use of cardio to lose stomach fat fast. You may have heard about the statement "Cardio is dead". This is not hundred percent true. "Long slow cardio is dead" or to make it more clear if you want different results you need to do things different. There are dozens of cardio exercises you can do that burn fat fast. But this is not the scope of the article. What you are going to learn is how to choose the right aerobic workouts. Choose the right exercises and you are one great step closer to burn body fat fast and sexy flat abs. And it does not matter if you are a male or female these stubborn fat loss tips do work for both sexes. 1) You do not need slow steady state cardio Running on a treadmill will not give you the desired results. If you do this you will have to bring your body into the fat burning zone. With traditional cardio such as running or jogging it takes at least twenty but in most cases thirty minutes to achieve this stop doing the workout and your body stops burning fat is another big disadvantage 2) Not training with high intensity Wasting your time will not give you a flat stomach. There is always spend your time on...

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