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Month: December 2017

Want to Grow Taller? Practice Kicking

Kicking of course is the act of forcefully using one’s legs to achieve some end, whether it be practicing a martial arts derived move, or kicking a soccer ball. As we’ve discussed elsewhere, exercise and targeted stretching on key areas such as the legs and spine can result in stretching which effectively increases height. This must also be the case of kicking then correct? After all, your legs can’t be put through much more forceful effort than a powerful kicking motion. The short answer is yes, kicking motions over a long period of time could almost certainly have the benefit of stretching out your leg muscles, increasing height. The long answer though is that it’s probably not the most savvy way of gaining height. First let’s look at the science behind this phenomenon. By studying people who use kicking motions repeatedly, most notably kickboxers, we see that their legs are on average one to two inches longer than normal. Likewise, football kick specialists have a longer kicking leg than their other leg, through hundreds of reps of kicking a football each day. The trouble is that to replicate these results takes both a greater deal of time than other ‘grow taller’ exercises, as well as a greater deal of effort, as repeated kicking can be extremely taxing on the body. To gain the results achieved by these athletes, one...

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Best Girls Hockey Speed ​​Exercise

Being a fast player in female hockey has very little to do with how fast you can skate in a straight line. The reality is that when most girls hockey players of the same age and ability level get up to their full speed, they are all pretty much promptly fast. What separates the fastest players from the rest is how fast they can get up to full speed, their ability to change direction and their ability to react to the puck and their opponents. Speed ​​is about being fast in every direction you move and being fast with every decision you make. Being able to read and react to the play instantaneously is what separates the best female hockey players from the rest. You can be the fastest skater with the fastest shot, but if you can not react to the play quickly enough to capitalize on your speed, you are not going to be able to gain an advantage over your competition. Developing multi-directional speed and the ability to read and react off the ice all starts with a solid foundation of single-leg balance, the ability to control and generate power off of one leg, and foot quickness. Developing each one of these components of speed is critical, but single-leg balance is the most fundamental. If girls do not have the ability to stay low to the...

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Why Is not My Home Abdominal Workout Working?

Lots of people want to build a fantastic looking set of six pack abs, yet they keep running into a brick wall when it comes to sculpting the stomach. You may have tried endless stomach crunches, but without appreciable results, your wondering if your doing it right. Well throughout your are not, you see crunches are not always effective by themselves. There are other exercises to add to your routine to enhance all those crunches you've been knocking out. If your having trouble your abs may just be hidden under a layer of stubborn belly fat. You need to work on your diet, if you can lean out the body and get rid of the stomach fat that covers your abs you'll be surprised at the results. What do you drink? Tip: My buddy lost seven pounds just by not drinking pop, I was impressed so I quit drinking pop and guess what, seven pounds gone. Pop is mostly sugar and it shows. Change to water and gatorade you'll lose weight feel hydrated, and get more from your workout. What are you eating? Your diet should have more servings of fresh fruit and vegetables, some nuts and if your like most people smaller portions of meat. Have you ever seen a Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers meal at the store got it home and found it could only feed...

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The 300 Workout – Get Body Like 300 Movie Cast

When I watched the 300 movie, I was amazed(spell bound might be the right word) by the cast. Their bodies were like perfection. I had to go and find out more about these guys (Mark twight from Gym gones). As I read and watched their videos, I realized how these guys got their bodies. And first words from my mouth were “No wonder”. Their workouts were incredible. For example, this is the workout that made the news. This is the ultimate challenge in the 300 workout. You are supposed to do it once. So this is not a workout in a sense to get stronger. Out of those who tried only 17 people passed this benchmark (with Mark twight and other instructor as 2 of them). 25x Pull-up + 50x Deadlift @ 135# + 50x Push-up + 50x Box Jump @ 24″ box + 50x Floor Wiper @ 135# (one-count) + 50x KB Clean and Press @ 36# (KB must touch floor between reps) + 25x Pull-up 300 reps total Being a fitness enthusiast and trainer, this was a challenge for me… I have to confess, I couldn’t finish it the first time around. But after this experience I know how to build upto this program. How to get body like 300 movie guys First of all, I noticed around in forums, how most people were like “There’s no...

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Pills Or Exercise – What's Good For You and What's Not

The debate between pills and exercise has long been in existence. Some may still not be aware of the answer to this question because of the conflicting information that may be collected from the Internet, family, friends, or collections. In this article, we will let you know what is good for you and what is not when it comes to these two things. Pills or exercise? The answer to this is simple. You do not actually have to choose. It all depends on your individual circumstances. Despite the flood of different commercial advertisements that you can watch from your television or from the Internet, you may sometimes find it hard to decide what to do. You are faced with two choices and it is either pills or exercises that can help you lose weight. To help you decide, you first have to understand everything about pills. If you are obese, you may want to take in dietary supplements instead of doing normal workouts. You should take pills only with your doctor's advice. It is all right for obese people, or those with a body mass index of 30 or more, to take some form of drugs to help them burn those fats that workout alone can not burn quickly. People who experience serious weight problems can have medications on top of their normal diet and workout, as long as...

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