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Author: mandmweb

The Best Fat Burning Exercise – Is There One?

When most people start an exercise program they read all sorts of literature telling them which workout will burn the most fat and which training zone they need to get their heart rate in for the best fat burning workout. It has some merit to it but in the end it’s really much simpler than that. What is the best exercise to burn fat? I always hear that it’s important to get your heart rate into fat burning mode – with moderate to heavy intensity – and to keep it there for over 20 minutes to get the best results and all that type of stuff. This just makes it confusing for most people and they never really now if they are in the right zone or not. To make it much easier, the best fat burning exercises are one’s which make you work hard. For example, sprinting, interval training with weights, swimming, jumping rope, boxing, playing all types of sports (volleyball, basketball, football), etc. Interval training works the best I’ve been working out for over 20 years and hold a decent six pack year round and interval type training is what keeps me the leanest. Interval training is when you work really hard for 30 to 60 seconds and then go real easy for a similar time. In my opinion, this type of training works the best because...

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Shaun T Insanity VS the P90X Workout Program – Which One is Better?

Over the next couple minutes you will learn the comparisons and differences between these two rival "workout at home" exercise programs. The P90X workout program used to be the one exercise program that everyone knew thanks to early morning and late night infomercials. Recently Beachbody added a new program to the game that to some may have considered a rival, that program is Shaun T Insanity. But which one is more intense? Comparably they are both equal in their own rights but each workout program focuses on a different approach towards fitness. I have personally used both programs and this gives me the rare opportunity to offer a first hand look at both the P90X workout program and Shaun T Insanity. After this article you will be fully equipped with the answers you are looking for. Which works better? P90X or the Insanity workout? Great questions, though it's hard to put both workout programs side by side as it's not a simple apples to apples comparison but more like apples to oranges. Both programs are capable of offering a huge physical challenge but each has it's own approach and it's own target results. I'll explain. The P90X workout program is a 90 day system which could otherwise be considered an "at home boot camp". You will need a chin up bar, a chair, a set of dumbbells and /...

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A "Brief", Yet Important Writing Exercise – Ficbits

One of the best writing exercises I've found is writing what's called a "ficbit". A ficbit is a 50 word or less version of a story. The purpose is to tell some part of a story, whether for example it's the plot development, individual or group character interactions, or scenes of action. The focus is to tell this scene as concise as possible. The following is an example of a ficbit; Silent, calm, empty. Darkness surrounds me. I'm all alone. Past transgressions have resurfaced. I'm paying for my mistakes. I had it all. Perfection in every sense of the word. But now, full speed spiral into nothingness. I sit here, starring at the solution, starring at eternity in one swift act. As you can see from the previous example, there are a lot of advantages to this type of writing exercise: – By forcing yourself to limit the ficbit to 50 words, it really stresses the word choices you make. You need to look at your vocabulary and determine which word best suits the situation you are trying to describe. If you can not find that specific word, it forces you to expand your vocabulary through resources such as a thesaurus. For example, the first word of the ficbit is "silent". I could have chosen other single words or said "it's quiet out tonight" or "there is no sound...

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TRX Exercises – Lose Weight, Build Lean Muscle, Feel Great

TRX Exercise Improves Strength, Stability and Burns Calories TRX is still relatively new to the fitness world. I come across people every day who still have not ever heard of it, much less attempted to dangle from those terrifying yellow straps. As a Certified TRX Instructor, this pains me deep down, because TRX can be such a powerful tool for people to change their bodies. I use TRX on a regular basis with my clients who range in age from 20-85, and there is always an effective exercise that challenges each one of them. TRX is a very versatile tool that can be used in a wide variety of different training styles. During my TRX classes, I vary the training styles to keep my students interested, however, they're also able to enjoy the different benefits, such as improved strength and stability, better range of motion in their joints, and the high amounts of calories burned. In the rest of this article, I'll talk about what makes TRX challenging and why this is such a powerful benefit of this unique training style. What Makes TRX Training Different? TRX training utilizes a common concept – bodyweight exercise – with a very uncommon stability challenge to create a unique, full body workout with every exercise. The TRX straps are suspended from an A-frame structure, door, post, etc to allow the trainee to...

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The Official "Glee" Indoor Cycling Workout

Whether you catch it on Fox, Hulu or a DVD, you probably would not be reading this article unless you were something familiar with Glee, the popular musical TV show in which a high-school Spanish teacher became the director of the school's Glee club , hoping to restore it to its former glory. LaTely, as the weather has grown colder and I continue to train for triathlon with indoor cycling workouts, I've found myself frequently stumbling across the weekly release of Glee. And I gotta say, although I was a bit wary at first, as a fan of music and a guy who likes to sing, I now kinda dig the show. And so, in that breathless, stinky place where sweating meets singing, I've created the official Glee Indoor Cycling Workout. What can be better than burning calories, building leg muscles, and still enjoying your favorite tunes sung by 30 year old actresses pretending to be high school cheerleaders? This workout takes into account an average of 4 songs per episode, and an approximate length of 50 minutes with commercials. If the episode has more than 4 songs, you're probably going to hate me. So, here's how the Glee indoor Cycling Workout goes: 1) Begin the workout by warming up at a pedaling cadence (RPM) of 80, and a perceived exertion or effort level of 60% intensity. Yes, you'll...

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