Swimming is one of the best exercises for seniors second to walking. You will find a lot of reasons why swimming and other water activities are good for old people. Aside from the fact that it will make use of every muscle, it is also an exercise that may cause the least injuries.

Doctors who are doing physical therapy for people who just underwent surgery have practiced this exercise.

This activity provides enormous benefits, as it will make exercise and therapy easier for people who have difficulties doing physical fitness. Those who are injured and are having a hard time doing activities on land can also benefit from swimming as a form of exercise. It is a training for both of the strength and aerobic.

Swimming makes use of almost all the major muscles in the body all at the same time so it is considered a total work out. Since water provides resistance, it develops your muscles’ strength and endurance and it also enhances flexibility. In water, exercise can be done easier than on land because of fewer incidents of injuries.

Swimming provides also all the benefits of aerobics as running do. It is because its effects give resistance training while in the water. In addition to this, it does not give your connective tissues a strain since your body will receive low impact while swimming. As a result, it helps you endure the exercise for a longer period of time without causing your body too much damage and pain.

While in water, your body weight is reduced by 90% because of the buoyant force. And if a person is weighing 220 pounds, it will go down to 22 pounds once standing in the water. Safety is the first thing that must be taken into consideration for the aged people with regards to their fitness. Swimming is an exercise that is perfect and effective for the elderly with low-impact on the body.

Source by Ramir Sarmiento