There is no magic formula which will shed the layers of fat around your stomach with a swift nod of the wand. Losing belly fat and attaining washboard abs is a difficult and painstaking task for which you have to alter your lifestyle, your food habits and take to exercise, the way I show you here.

Getting a flat stomach is easy if you practice ab crunches thrice a week for best results. This will tame your paunches in no time at all. To work your hip muscles, you can go in for sit ups. But if you want to tone your midriff and tummy, then nothing can be better than Pilates, and it is generally considered as the best ab flattening exercise. To drive away the dreaded love handles and enhance your flexibility, Pilates are your best friends. You do not need to do Pilates more than twice or thrice per week.

You should also practice body twists, once to the left and once to the right, it depends on you as to whether you will take the help of gym equipment called stomach twiner. You should always perform household chores, climb up the stairs whenever you get the opportunity, walk down to the parking lot or take a run or jog round the block. Brisk walking that makes you sweat and running will also help you lose fat from the belly.

To reduce your tummy and flatten it, it is best to perform exercises in the water / swimming pool which will create greater resistance and you will find it difficult to hoodwink water. Swimming, gymnastics, water gymnastics, aerobic exercises, kickboxing, power yoga and yogic postures are all beneficial in helping you lose weight universally and from your tummy.

Other exercises which can help you attain washboard abs are martial arts, cardio workouts, weight lifting and muscle building exercises, turbulence training exercises, strength training and resistance building exercises as well as cycling outdoors at a good speed. Side bending, front bending, arching poses, flexibility exercises, body twisting exercises, free hand exercises will also make you shed that extra fat from around your tummy.

Source by James Penn